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God brings His Church to maturity through the teaching of His Word (Ephesians 4:11-15). In the Ugandan church, discipleship has not kept pace with evangelism. Church planting has outpaced pastoral training, and untrained leaders and their congregations are ill-equipped to speak to the issues challenging the African Christian.

• Cults and False Teaching
• Islam
• Witchcraft
• Poverty
• Corruption

The Church of Uganda tries to meet these challenges through the establishment of the Uganda Bible Institute. Rev. Canon Johnson Twinomujuni, a Ugandan ordained minister in the Church of Uganda and graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary, is the principal of the Institute.


The chief aim of UBI is to strengthen the Church in Uganda and beyond through theological education by training and equipping church leaders with necessary knowledge and skills to rightly understand and effectively teach the Word of God to their congregations and the non-believers.


An informed, transformed, theologically sound and Christ-centered Church.

Goals for the Institute:

• Equip church leaders with knowledge and skills in Biblical Studies
• Provide facilities for residential students and leaders’ conferences
• Develop a library which facilitates theologically conservative scholarship
• Encourage leaders to develop theological and discipleship materials
• Work in cooperation with existing theological programs
• To connect overseas churches, organizations and higher institutions with UBI
• To provide basic knowledge and skills for a Biblical Worldview

Core Value

A passion for God and friendship with one another.
: A life of value and a ministry of fruit.
: Christian stewardship and faithfulness.

: Moral values and professionalism
Right interpretation and application of the Word of God.


To train and equip pastors, lay readers and other church leaders in Biblical Studies
and leadership skills in order to help the local congregations be grounded in the
scriptures and reach out to the non-believers.

To provide facilities for full-time students and those attending seminars,
workshops and conferences for continued education in church leadership.

To develop a high-quality theological library.

To Encourage the development of theological and discipleship materials by local scholars.

To Work in cooperation with existing distance learning theological education programs.

To Foster partnership between Church of Uganda and overseas theologically sound churches and individuals.

To provide basic knowledge and skills for holistic living.


If you receive any emails or other solicitations for funds to UBI or to cover medical emergencies or issues for faculty, staff or families, please confirm first through the official contacts on this website.

Uganda Bible Institute

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